We are proud to be partnered with one of Australia’s fastest and most reliable Internet Service Providers (ISPs), TPG – www.tpg.com.au. This partnership enables us to provide our customers with high speed, cost effective Internet connectivity.

Our prices are equal to connecting directly with TPG, but with the added bonus of having one of our specialists assisting you with your connection from the initial inquiry through to an established connection.

Contact us today for assistance with your Home or Home Business Internet connection.

Home Phone and Internet Bundles

Combining your home phone and Internet services into a bundled packages ensures maximum stability and value.

Our Home Phone plans are designed to cater for both light and heavy usage, including unlimited free calls to Australian landlines, mobile phones and over 80 international countries for less than $20 a month.

Our specialists are able to assist you in finding a plan to match your needs, so contact us with your inquiry.