Social Media has rapidly emerged into being one of the most prolific, recognised and cost-effective marketing tools available to businesses today.

Our consultants can help guide you through the overwhelming world of using this tool to market your brand and expand your reach through social media marketing.

But why stop there? As with any marketing, Social Media reach provides no return on investment if your customers are not engaging with your products and services through to a sale. We can help you create a campaign that doesn’t just attract customers, but enables you to build mutually beneficial relationships, increasing your sales and strengthening the business to customer connection.

Why should my business use Social Media?

Integrating Social Media into your business marketing plan enables you to reach out to a socially active and interconnected market share with your product and service. What’s more is you can target your advertising to specific groups of people based on their age, location, interests or industries.

Social Media is also one of the most cost-effective marketing mediums available to SMEs and Large Businesses alike. This enables business owners to leverage from a level playing field and reach their customers conveniently and personally.


How much does it cost?

As the business owner or marketing director, you get to decide the size of your Social Media investment.

Social Media enables you to establish a highly effective marketing strategy while enabling your budget to range from anything down to nothing. Many of the factors to be considered when determining an ideal budget are obvious and include How much can I afford? What return do I want from my campaign? While other factors include Do I want to reach new clients, or simply present specials and products to an existing customer base?

Our Social Media Consultants can assist you determining a balance between idealistic and realistic.


Is it safe?

Establishing a business presence on Social Media is opening yourself up to a new avenue of opportunities. As with all business opportunities, some are good while others are bad. By following a few helpful guidelines we can help you reduce the risk of nasty surprises with your Social Media experience.