A Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables you to securely connect one network to another even when they are geographically separated. Common uses for a VPN include:-

Telecommuting - Providing access to network and server resources to staff members working from home. With traffic becoming more congested and rising fuel prices, allowing staff to work from home could be the smart solution for your business.

Remote Branches - If your business operates out of multiple office or branch locations a VPN enables you to share resources as if they were all connected directly.

VPN technology uses the Internet to create a secure ‘virtual link’ between your head office and any other connecting points within your business. Whether this be a remote or home office, car or mobile device – we can help you implement a solution that enables your business entities to remain securely connected at all times.

The requirements and functionalities of a VPN vary greatly from business to business, so contact us today to speak to one of our network specialists who can tailor a solution to your needs.